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An acronym for TAP and CONNECT. TAC is a technological innovation that offers the experience of exchanging social media profiles, contact, or information, either through SmartTAC, QR Code, or Short link that can be connected to applications.

Anyone can be a user. Starting from a student, seller, influencer, DPR member, or anyone else can use TAC to share profiles and information with people they meet.

SmartTAC is a tool that is placed on the back of a Smartphone or anywhere to exchange social media profiles, contacts, or information.

It’s okay if you don’t have SmartTAC. Just download the app, register your account, and you’re good to go! You can share your profile with just a QR Code or a Link via TAC App.

It’s easy!, you just need to tap SmartTAC on the back of the recipient’s Smartphone. With the convenience we made, recipients don’t need to have a TAC App on their Smartphone to receive their TAC Profile.

Anyone can receive a TAC Profile either through the SmartTAC or using QR Code, profile recipients also do not need to have TAC App

Make sure your Smartphone with your Android OS is compatible. Then, you need to activate NFC features in the setting of your Smartphone.

Android and iPhone users
Stick your SmartTAC on the bottom side of the back of your Smartphone. It’s not recommended to put it on the top side as it may interfere with the SmartTAC reading.
*except Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy Note users
Stick your SmartTAC at the back of your phone.

With the technology we created and developed, the SmartTAC button can stick to all materials! Starting from books, tablets, wallets, walls, etc.

You can have as many SmartTAC as you want by staying connected to your TAC Profile.

Of course! SmartTAC is not limited by the thickness of your Smartphone case. So, thickness is not a problem.

1. Make sure the receiving Smartphone is not in Airplane Mode
2. Make sure the flashlight of the recipient's Smartphone is off.
3. Make sure the camera of the recipient's Smartphone is off.
4. Make sure to touch the SmartTAC at the very top of the back recipients Smartphone ( iOS users ) and at the center of the back of the Smartphone receiver ( android users )
handphone penerima ( pengguna iOS) dan bagian tengah belakang handphone
penerima (pengguna android).
5. Make sure the sticking surface is not made of steel or metal.
6. For Android users with NFC, make sure NFC is enabled.

Of course not! SmartTAC is specially manufactured so that it does not interfere with wireless charging performance

Your only need to delete your old SmartTAC code, the replace it with a new code in your TAC application. You can share your profile again!

Of course, SmartTAC can still be used even if exposed to water or alcohol! We do recommend not to remove and re-stick it repeatedly so that the adhesion level is maintained.

Don’t worry! Because each SmartTAC can be used up to 100,000 times!

TAC Mobile App

TAC Mobile App is available on the App Store and Google Playstore. Click to download the application.

No! the recipient does not need to have a TAC App or SmartTAC to be able to receive a profile from you.

Of course! Our application is designed so that you can control what you want to display such as adding or subtracting information along with adjusting the position of the icons however you like.


Get SmartTAC products through Shopee and Tokopedia

Of course! Contact us via community.tacindonesia@gmail.com

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