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A new way of exchanging information with SmartTAC! TAC is here to help “SobatTAC” make it easier to exchange various social media platforms and any link with just one TAC!.


More Than Just Social Media in an App

TAC app more than supports social interaction on various types of social media. With TAC you can include links that can be customized as you need such as a shop in a marketplace, catalog, food menu, and any other links that you want to share.


No Need to Worry Anymore

No need to be afraid of wrong spelling. No need to be afraid of missing a spontaneous moment. SmartTAC helps users to be able to share information in any condition, anytime and anywhere.


Start the TAC App

Starting the TAC App is easy with a few simple steps.
Find out how to get started

How To

Step 1

Download aplikasi TAC yang tersedia di App Store & Play Store

Step 2

Set up your TAC Profile! Start by filling the data needed and connect your desired social media.

Step 3

You are now ready to connect with just one TAC!

Ready To Use SmartTAC?

Use SmartTAC to enjoy the new experience of exchanging contacts with TAC
SmartTAC is Available on Tokopedia and Shopee

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SmartTAC and Your Smartphone

SmartTAC can be used on all types of smartphones and Tablets of various brands that have the NFC feature on their smartphones. However, the availability of QR Code and Short link can help Smartphone user who does not have NFC features on their smartphones. So everyone can use TAC!.

Check your device compatibility.


Start Sharing Easier with TAC!

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